Work - Submarine
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Scope - Mobile Online Community to interrogate current and newly launched offerings among the target market


Scope - New product exploration and testing


Scope - Repositioning of Amarula Trust & new communication development


Scope - Testing of new digital platform for low income mothers

FNB Bank (in collab with Grid)

Scope - New design exploration for FNB Premier

Pesapoint Kenya

Scope - Product development and market expansion exploration

Alcohol Brands Various

Scope - New Product Development, New Packaging, New Markets, New Communication - Exploration & Testing


Scope - Trend identification and new product and offerings testing

AngloGold Ashanti

Scope - New mobile communication platform for miners - concept exploration


Scope - New internal ideas and innovation platform for staff - conceptualisation and testing

Boogertman and Partners (now +Partners)

Scope - New name, positioning and CI exploration

Grassroot App

Scope - New, free mobile communication app for low income community group - testing