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Focus Areas

What we're good at
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We like to address innovation from the ground up – starting with a holistic understanding of people, their needs, frustrations, behaviors, and the cultural influences on the category.


Using a combination of progressive quantitative, and qualitative techniques, we assist brands to anticipate what is coming next in the market, sharpen their relevance and competitiveness, and innovate in line with shifting consumer needs, values and lifestyles.


We are all about taking human-driven insights, interpreting them, and unlocking what the market will resonate most with, and truly value.


  • Trends identification and tracking
  • Primary consumer research studies
  • Competitor intelligence studies
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We follow a collaborative ideation approach to exploring, defining, evaluating, and refining new or improved:




brand extension strategy

brand architecture

positioning territories

products and services

digital offerings

spacial / retail experiences

packaging / design directions

value-add services/offerings

marketing communication strategies

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Once mock-ups, prototypes or refined concepts have been established over the course of the Ideation phase, next it’s all about testing the end user or customer response as well as its effectiveness in meeting a genuine need, and its relative competitiveness in the market.







Category fit and market competitiveness


Ultimately, only the fittest should survive, so that costs and mistakes are minimised, and an effective to-market strategy can be confidently devised and actioned on.

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We believe in insight-empowered strategy…strategy that gives you the substantiated knowledge you need to make the choices, decisions and trade-offs necessary to establish a competitive market position, set direction, create effective customer engagements, and coveted working environments for your staff.


Strategic Service Areas:

Brand strategy

Communication strategy

Product strategy

Touchpoint strategy

Marketing strategy